Maternity Concierge Services

I have a number of packages and a la carte options for you to choose from. A free 30 minute consultation appointment will assess how I can assist you in your parenthood journey.


Pondering Pregnancy Package ~ An intro to conception, emotional baby readiness, financial considerations, and fertility. Over a 2-3 hour session we will discuss the emotional and financial considerations of becoming parents and the basic methods used to chart ovulation and tips to maximize your conception chances.


Happy, Healthy Pregnancy Package ~ The essentials to a happy, healthy pregnancy. Over a 2-3 hour session we will discuss nutrition, exercise, tips for physical comfort in pregnancy, common health concerns and physical changes to the body, shopping for maternity clothing, emotional health and self care.


Birth Preparation Package ~ Everything you need to know about the birth process and preparing for it. In a 4-6 hour session we will discuss the physiological process of childbirth, your options in childbirth, comfort measure choices, as well as prepare a birth plan and pack a bag for the hospital. We will also cover what is normal for a newborn and postpartum mother.


Homebirth Planning Package ~ Planning a Homebirth from beginning to end. In a 2-3 hour session we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of homebirth, the emotions surrounding choosing a homebirth, how to field questions from family and friends, choosing a care provider, waterbirth options, set up and clean up, and any other concerns and questions you have.

$50 or $25 when added to the Birth Preparations Package

Pondering Placentas Package ~ What can you do with your Placenta??? In a 1-2 hour session we will discuss options for your placenta. We will cover lotus birth, delayed cord clamping, cord burning ceremony, raw placentophagy, placenta encapsulations, placenta prints, cord keepsakes, placenta ceremonies, and the benefits of placentophagy.

$30 or $15 when added to either Homebirth Planning or Birth Preparation Packages

Baby Care Basics Package ~ The essentials of how to care for your newborn. In a 3-4 hour session we will discuss any fears and concerns about bringing baby home, how to hold, support, comfort, bathe, change, dress, and feed baby. We will cover what is normal for a newborn and average baby milestones. Breastfeeding, pumping, and bottlefeeding, as well as baby’s first solid foods will be discussed. We will also go over a typical baby layette (clothing and other items) and packing the diaper bag.


Green Baby Package ~ Organic and green choices for pregnancy, birth, and baby. In a 2-3 hour session we will discuss the essentials of how to green up your pregnancy, birth and baby’s life using organic and natural alternatives to everyday products and gear. We will cover the pros and cons of buying organic foods, clothing, toys and other baby gear and where to get it all. Discussing a greener childbirth will cover the natural alternatives to chemical pain management to keep you and baby’s body as clean as possible during birth.


Nursery Design Package ~ Complete assistance in designing your nursery. This package will involve a 1 hour consultation on your vision for your baby’s nursery and help bringing it to fruition. I charge $20 an hour whether it be designing and planning with you, shopping with or for you, and setting up with or for you.

$20 per hour

Baby Safety Package ~ Baby safety essentials. For $20 an hour I will meet with you to look over your home for common baby hazards and show you how to correct them or correct them with/for you. We will also go over carseat safety information and look at your current seat or help you purchase one, I will also help you safely install it in your car according to the manufacturers instructions. (I am not a carseat technician but have 5 years experience with carseats, if you would like to have a professional check done, I will arrange one for you).

$20 per hour

Daddy Duty/Partner Prep Package ~ For Dads, Partners, or Grandparents: Baby Care 101. In this 2-3 hour session attendees will learn how to change, dress, hold, bottlefeed, and comfort babies (using the 4 S method) as well as pack the diaper bag. There will also be discussions on how to support the mother postpartum, what to expect with (what is normal for) a newborn baby and postpartum mother, and time for addressing concerns and questions.


A La Carte: Any of the below sessions can be taken alone of combined to make your own package, they are all approx. 1 hour long and $25

~ Charting for conception

~ Nutrition and Exercise in Pregnancy

~ Body Changes and Comfort in Pregnancy

~ Choices in Childbirth (care providers, home vs hospital, drugs vs drug-free)

~ Comfort in Childbirth

~ Physiology of Birth (what happens physically during labour and birth)

~ Birth Plan Creation (highly recommended to be taken with the above 3 classes unless you have done plenty self education)

~ Comforting Baby (Happiest Baby on the Block 4 S method)

~ Breastfeeding, Pumping and Bottlefeeding

~ Baby Layette, Nursery Essentials, and Packing the Diaper Bag

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