Other Services

Part of the reason I feel knowledgeable enough to provide Maternity Concierge Services is that I also offer many other pregnancy and birth related services.

I have been a Birth Doula since 2010: Click Here

I am a certified Hypnobabies Hypnodoula: Click Here

I teach private and public Natural Childbirth Education Classes: Click Here

I offer information, assistance and products for Lotus Births: Click Here

I offer placenta services like printing and cord keepsakes, encapsulation, raw preparations and traditional ceremonies: Click Here

I do belly casting and henna for pregnant and non pregnant women: Click Here

I am a level 1 Reiki Practitioner for energetic healing and relaxation: Click Here

and I am currently training in Aromatherapy and Herbology for pregnancy and childbirth.

Click Here For Full List of Services

All of my services and their information can be found on my other website: http://www.livebirthlovedoula.info

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