LBL Philosophy

Your Life
Your Birth
Your Loving Instincts 

Bring your child into this world your way with educational support and planning with a Maternity Concierge.

My name is Jessica Hall and I am the woman behind Live, Birth, Love Maternity Concierge/Baby Planner in Port Alberni.

It is my goal to help any woman who seeks my consult have the pregnancy, birth, and start to parenting she wants and deserves.

Every mother is entitled to having the best possible maternity experience. 

Thank you for considering LBL Maternity Concierge/Baby Planner to be a part of your beautiful journey. Please look around the site for information about baby planning in general, myself as a concierge, and the services I offer, as well as a list of helpful pregnancy and birth links and resources.

I currently serve Port Alberni and the surrounding west coast communities (Nanaimo and Campbell River may be considered).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any time. Blessings, Jessica

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